It's no secret that Captain C.A. Richardson absolutely loves using spoons when targeting all three major shallow saltwater species. In Episode 25 of C.A. On The Fly, he goes over his top three favorite colors for this time of year and explains one by one when's the best time to use them.


Most people like the Berkley Johnson Silver Minnow, but have you used the Aqua Dream Living spoon? I’ve been testing this spoon out for a while and have been catching a ton of fish on it lately.


In this Flats Class University video, Captain C.A. Richardson will give you his honest opinion on Aqua dream spoons and how he finds them to be effective inshore.



 C.A. Richardson is a firm believer in the Aqua Dream spoons, made here locally in Florida. In this video, he wants to give you the best 3 tips to ensure your success when using these products. It's hard to find a better summertime artificial lure than the Aqua Dream Spoon.


 I get asked all the time what the best inshore setup looks like when using spoon's to target all major inshore species. I'm going to explain all that to you and more in this video.


 This video should truly help you be more comfortable, and hopefully give you some confidence in using spoons. They are defiantly a lure that can be overlooked but if you put the time in with them and follow some of these simple but useful tips, you will be successful.


 From ICAST 2012, Orlando Aqua Dreams spoon


 Knee Deep Sportsman lure review Weedless Trophy Spoon - Aquadream Lures


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