James J.

The ADL Weedless Spoon was my favorite 10 years ago. Still is today.

William S.

Best overall spoon for shallow water flats. I have caught snook, reds, trout, even a sheepshead.

Gene C.

More redfish in my box on the ADL Weedless Spoon than any other method combined.

Robert S.

I've been using these spoons for a long time. The 3/8 Rootbeer Classic Weedless Spoon is by "go to" spoon up here in the tannin waters of the Panhandle. Great product! Thanks!

Sara R.

A fishing captain friend of ours turned us on to your spoons. They are, by far, the best on the market!!

Steve B.

I took the Rootbeer [Classic Weedless] spoon to Canada two weeks ago, and when things got slow with the Mepps and other lures our host was having us use I said, “Let's try this.” First cast went long by 4 feet, hit a large rock and slid down into the water. Really pro-like, but purely an accident. I barely had time to take out the slack when the biggest northern pike of the trip hit it. They all want a Rootbeer spoon.

Dixon A.

Great spoons! I work part time at Bass Pro Shop Daytona Beach and I think I've met you there before. There is nothing I haven't landed inshore on your baits! If a customer wants a spoon, or for me to suggest a bait, Aqua Dream is easily in the top 3 I suggest. Keep up the good work! 

Alan P.

Thanks a bunch for the hurried shipment. I would hate to go on vacation to Florida's South West coast without a good supply of Capt. Mike's Spoons. They have been my go to lure for years.

Artussee M.

As a marine biologist, outdoor writer, and avid saltwater angler, I have used many gold spoons over the years while flats fishing for red drum. None hold up to the abuse nor the effectiveness of your gold and pink spoon. Bravo!

Tripp L.

 Saw your spoons on social media, bought some at Wilson's Tackle in Perry, and have been tearing the redfish up with them. Great spoons!

Bobby A.

I have some of your 1/4 oz. ADL Weedless Spoons and have had tremendous results. Hooked on this spoon!

Kevin A.

Fishing with Capt. C.A. Richardson in Tampa Bay, we tied on your Weedless Gold Spoon first thing and in about a half dozen casts or so after pulling onto the flats…BAM!! A 34" redfish hit your Gold Spoon like a Mack truck! In fact, we never caught a red under 32” the whole day. We got so worn out, we actually stopped fishing them and went out to catch some big Spanish mackerel for a break! 

Alan P.

What an outstanding weedless spoon you have created! If it was not for your well-constructed spoon, I would have lost my biggest redfish to date. I went back to the exact spot and time where a big red broke another brand of spoon the week before. First cast and it was on! It pulled the kayak all around and then would charge towards me before running away with my drag. If it was not for the quality workmanship of your spoon, I am positive the fish would have broken it like the other big red from the week before. The redfish measured 31”!

Eddie C. 

I just needed to tell you about my recent experience I had in Louisiana. I had scheduled a redfish trip to Louisiana for my first time with a buddy of mine. I just happened to see a show of [C.A. Richardson's] fishing in Louisiana for redfish using a Aqua Dream pink spoon. So I order two and received them before my trip. When I got to the Lodge I was greeted by a bunch of guys that looked like they were old pro’s at fishing there. Well the first morning of my self guided trip, my buddy and I started fishing and I took out the pink spoon. When my buddy saw the spoon he almost laughed at me. Shortly thereafter the laughing stopped when I started whacking and stacking with that thing. I limited out by 11am and my buddy only caught one the whole day. The funny thing is when we got back to the lodge and learn about the fishing report from all the “pro’s”, it was dismal at best. One guy didn’t even get one the whole day. When we told them how I did and what I was using they all were speechless. After the 2nd day of me stacking up again with redfish and everyone else catching just a handful, they all wanted to know where they can get the pink spoon. I’m sure Aqua dream is getting a lot of orders lately because of my trip and your information. Thank you for the information! It made my trip very enjoyable!


Josh M.

I bought one of your weedless spoons in black/chartreuse and took it out to catch some reds this weekend. I started with a typical gold spoon made by Academy's brand H2O express. I had one red chase it but didn't take it. Switching over to your spoon I caught two nice reds and had another large one chase it down like a scene from Jaws and I didn't get a good hook set and missed him. For the short time I used your ADL spoon, I had good success, and I will definitely be using it more and hopefully buying a few more colors. Just wanted to inform you that your product is working and keep doing what you're doing because it is working.


Kevin B.

Capt. Mike, I recently moved to the forgotten coast of Florida and started kayak fishing this season. Everyone recommended that I get my hands on your weedless spoons. So my first lure purchase was a set of your spoons. Then a couple weeks ago I received an email promoting the new SureStrike Spins, so I bought a couple for my buddy's visit on Memorial Day 2011. They arrived just in time for the weekend fishing trip. Day one we targeted Speckled Trout off of St. Marks and literally the first cast with the Trophy Spin landed me my first ever speckled. I proceeded to catch 3 more within 10 minutes of each other. We had to abandoned the rest of the day due to high winds.
Day 2 we targeted redfish and again I used the Trophy Spin and tossed it parallel to the shore as I was coming out of a creek and landed a 24" beauty. My buddy begged me to give him one of my extra Spins but we are a little too competitive for that. Thanks for the great lures.

Brandon R.

I fished all morning in Turtle Creek Bay on the incoming tide with a topwater lure without much luck. As the tide began to shift and start falling a little, I started throwing the large Aqua Dream Gold spoon. I caught a small rat on one of the first casts, then a decent keeper red. Shortly after I landed a redfish which I believe measured just a hair over 28". I have since streamlined my tackle box to almost exclusively include Aqua Dream spoons, jigheads with soft plastics, and topwater lures. I have had really good luck with the spoons when the water floods into the grasses.

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